Pay it Forward - Yes, having a membership offers many creative opportunities for yourself but it also pays creativity forward for others. You’re making you important and you’re saying others deserve this too. A regular monthly membership allows us to offer the space, tools, supplies, classes, and DIY kits to others who can’t afford it. These individuals give what they can either through cash, or volunteer work. MAXtivity is for everyone.

One Month

Individual - $45
Student - $35
Family (2 adults & 3 kids) - $75
Small Business - $150 (6 adults)

Monthly Recurring (10% discount)

Individual - $40
Student - $31
Family (2 adults & 3 kids) - $67
Small Business - $135 (5 adults)


Receive the gift program

Tight on funds right now?  Let’s work out a plan so you too can enjoy the benefits of using the space and all it has to offer. Maxtivity is a creative space for everyone. We only ask that you give back, that you also pay it forward to others.  Can you give some money? Can you give time or talents? Please inquire about our current needs

What does Membership include:

Use of the space, tools, and supplies during open business hours


10% discount on space rental or parties
20% discount on classes and workshops
30% discount on DIY Kits

Want to just drop in for the day, sure, come on by!

Check out what our OPEN STUDIO has to offer


Tuesday & Thursday- 1:00pm to 8:30pm

Friday- 12:00pm to 5:30pm

Saturday- 11:00am to 4:00pm

Membership Sign Up

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