Main Floor: $20 an hour / 2 hour minimum / All day, 5 hours+ flat fee $100

Kids room:  $10 an hour / 2 Hour minimum /  All day, 4 hours + $40

Kitchen: $20 set fee.  Use for 1 hour or more

Upstairs: $15 an hour/ 2 Hour minimum /  All day, 5 hours + $75

*Members receive 20% off all rentals

*Book a room for multiple dates additional 10% discount


Use of any space & Amenities :

Damage:  The Renter signing the contract is solely liable, shall be held responsible, and shall be billed for any damage incurred to the Maxtivity building, premises, facilities, fixtures, furniture, equipment or supplies, occurring as a result of acts, or omissions by the renter or renters guests, and are responsible for repair or replacement up to the full cost.  Damages are payable upon immediate receipt of invoice.

Liability: The renter agrees to NOT hold Maxtivity, it’s employees, or volunteers responsible for any claim of liability, claim for damages, or suit for, or by reason of any injuries to any person or property of any kind whatsoever, or from any cause whatsoever, arising out of the use or occupation of the premises by renter or the renter’s guests.  And the renter hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and save harmless Maxtivity from all liability and damage on account of or by reason of any such injuries or damage.

Smoking:  Smoking, vaping, or lighting of any substance, including candles, is not permitted on the premises of Maxtivity (building or grounds)

Clean-up:  The renter is responsible for set up and clean up immediately before and after the event

Materials brought in: The renter must remove all materials brought in by the renter or volunteers to Maxtivity.   Including but not limited to Garbage and recyclables which should be disposed of in the appropriate reciprocals outside.

Lost or Stolen:  Maxtivity will not be responsible for lost or stolen items during the event.

Main floor - 3 rectangle tables, 3 round tables, 25 chairs, 2 couches, 1 fainting couch, 1 rocking chair, 2 furniture chairs, 1 coffee cabinet with 2 hot dispensers, projector.  Kids room - 1 round table, 6 chairs

Kitchen - sink, Full fridge with freezer, Stove with 2 ovens (single rack & double rack), microwave, kitchen utensils like pizza cutter, knives, serving spoons, pie server, ice cream scoop.  Renters are responsible for all utensils, and flatware including plates, bowls, linens, cups, napkins, etc. Upstairs - 2 rectangle tables, 16 chairs, utility sink, small counter.    *We have a bathroom with a single toilet for all room uses

Food/Beverage:  Renter is responsible for supplying all food and beverage for their own event.

Advertising: The renter is responsible for promotion of the event.  Events are open to the general public unless specified as a private event.  All Promotions that include Maxtivity’s name must be approved by the Maxtivity rental committee, prior to printing, social media advertising, or physical distribution.


Housekeeping Rules:

The facility must be returned to the condition in which it was rented.  This includes but is not limited to cleaning up all tools, supplies, flatware, and garbage.  Table and counters should be wiped down, clean up spills, sweep the floor, and clean up any messes in the bathroom.  All food, garabage, and recyclables must be removed from the building after the event. Renter will be charged a $50 cleaning fee or forfeit their cleaning deposit if any of these conditions are not met.

If event run’s over time, renter will be charged the appropriate alloted amount per hour for the room as agreed upon in rental agreement.  10 min grace period unless there is a back to back rental. Renter is responsible for knowing if the there is a rental immediately following their event.

Maxtivity reserves the right to cancel any rental or series of rentals if the terms of this contract are not met.  

Cancellation by the renter less than 7 days prior to set rental date, releases Maxtivity from any further obligations, and results in forfeiture of the renters initial 50% payment.

Maxtivity reserves the right to cancel 7 days prior to a set rental rate with a full refund of the deposit to the renter.

In the event Maxtivity closes due to natural or man-made disasters, we may need to cancel a reservation.  We may do so without notice and if such is the case a full refund will be given back to the payee.


Reserving the space

If renter is not the primary contact for the duration of the event, primary contact must be identified, leaving a name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Once the rental request has been processed, the signed contract and 50% of the rental fee is required to reserve the requested rental dates/times.  If paid by check, then a separate cleaning deposit check should be written in the amount of $50. This is also a requirement to secure reservation. If the space looks good apone leaving and all the departure requirements have been met then the check will be returned to the Payee.

Balance of rental fee is due 24 hours prior to event