MAXtivity is able to offer a well organized space with access to talented people ready to share their skills and love for creating.  This happens through the wonderful gift of of volunteers. We need you and so does our community. Please consider sharing of yourself so others can learn and experience the joy of making


You could be involved in the following ways:

  • Teach a class

  • Be at the studio to answer questions in your area of expertise

  • Be on site to help someone with a project

  • Hang out with younger kids and do art (give mom a break)

  • Man the space so we can be open more

  • Marketing ideas and social Media posts

  • Party Planning and managing rentals

  • Graphic Design work

  • Write Grants

  • Organize fundraisers

  • Sort Donations

  • Organize supplies

  • Assemble DIY kits

  • Clean or weed

Let us know what you have to offer.  We will find a place for you.

We were created to be creative it is what makes us uniquely human”
— Claudia Hall